Steve Robertson provides consulting services to business owners searching for a better way to reach more customers in this rapidly changing economic climate.  With costs for traditional media, such as television, radio, newspaper, billboards and direct mail increasing exponentially in recent years, business owners are caught between increasing competition, increasing costs and wondering how to make their communications more effective.

This site is dedicated to the new wave of marketing that is found with a creative mixture of new online media.  Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other web tools are changing daily, yet they provide the hidden key to competing and staying alive in the new economy.

Steve has worked in media planning, media sales and sales management for over 30 years in the advertising industry, primarily focused on retail and business to business marketing.  He can help you make sense of the new media jungle and provide the straight answers you need to solve the most pressing problem of the day:  "How can I find new customers, and keep the ones I already have?"