Deducting cell phone and cable internet bills from taxes?

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Question by comet9898: Deducting cell phone and cable internet bills from taxes?
Hi, I'm a model and I'm looking put as many deductions as possibly on my Schedule C. I obviously don't use my cell phone and cable internet exclusively for business but they are absolute necessities for the job. Can I deduct them? if I bought a cell phone just for modeling I could deduct the cost of the phone plus the monthly bill next year?

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Answer by OC1999
There is a whole section on the schedule C for "Home Office" deductions that would cover this.

The short answer is yes you can but only up to the percentage that you use them for business. So if you use your cell phone or internet only about 10% on business you can deduct no more than 10%. You also have to be sure you have Excellent records as if you get audited this will be the first place they go to in the audit.

For example with your cell phone, you need to keep the entire year of bills with the breakdown of each call and if it was business or personal and then take the percentage.

For something like this you should consult a tax professional as they can give you the exact answer for your situation.

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