How much to charge for ecommerce consulting?

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Question by TheMorbidMe: How much to charge for ecommerce consulting?
I have a successful ecommerce background and I am gifted with lots of knowledge. Now other companies are willing to contract me as a consultant on ecommerce related businesses. Those are very small companies, nothing big. How much should I charge them on a monthly basis as a ecommerce marketing and technology consultant? I would meet with this company once a week for 2-3 hours, but my knowledge is very deep and good.

Basically this company will create a simple internet store, but they need expertise on how to implement it from a technical point of view and from a marketing view.

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Answer by imisidro
It depends on how good you really are.

I know of some ecommerce consultants that charge as low as per hour, while some of the better ones charge 0 per hour. The more services you offer, the higher the rate you can charge.

The thing to remember is to never set your charges too low. It is MUCH HARDER to raise your rates when you feel you are undervaluing your services, compared to cutting your rates when nobody's biting.

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What should I charge for freelance marketing?

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Question by DhahLeah: What should I charge for freelance marketing?
I have very little professional experience in marketing. A small business is asking me to be responsible for their brochures and possibly website and mass e-mail marketing. I have to design the brochures, no printing, no e-mailing, just do the designs and send them in PDF form to the employer.

Being that I am not a professional, and I have no formal training, what should I charge per brochure?

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Answer by Stephen
First, figure out what your TIME is worth. That is basically the only thing you, as a self employed person, have to sell, your time and your talent. Although your talent is not used up doing a project, your time certainly is. So put some kind of round number on that, like , or , , 0, 0, 0 dollars an hour, whatever you feel your time and talent is worth. That is your 'cost' that you will end passing on to your client (or as much of it as the market will bear), either as an hourly fee like lawyers, psychiatrists, and many consultants do, or absorbed into the price of the final product.

In your case, the client sounds like they would prefer to just pay a fixed price for the whole job, so to figure that price out, you must first figure out what your time spent on the job cost you, hourly rate times the number of hours spent. That is your 'cost'. Obviously the more of that time you can reasonably charge the customer the more profitable you're going to be.

So, to price your brochures or whatever your product is, you need to price in the cost of your time making them (in this case design work only) plus any incidental expenses, like the cost of supplies and materials, time spent having to procure them, etc. Once you have figured out your overall cost, you might want to add in another 20 or 30 per cent or so for overhead, the cost of your office, utilities, phones, computers, software, advertising and so forth. By now, you have reached some sort of 'price' that would make it worthwhile for you to do this job again and the one that comes after that, and so on. The only question then is whether that price is too much for your client to bear. So, to begin with, and since they are your first client, just tell them what your proposed price is and only provide further justification if they seem to be not in agreement. That's when you may learn what the 'competition' is charging for the same stuff. It may be that yours is too expensive, and you have to figure out a more efficient way to produce your stuff, etc. In the world of business, everything ends up being negotiated somehow. Its not always easy to get it right the first time, but many people just starting out give away their time and talents much too cheaply, especially at first.

I was a self employed engineering consultant for 12 years so I have some experience with doing this whole self employment routine. And I was definitely famous for giving away my time for nothing and working too cheap. My justification was it allowed me to be much more selective about who I worked for and which clients I took on!

Anyway, best of luck to you! The world needs more entrepreneurs like you, especially in today's economy. Pretty soon everyone is going to have to be an entrepreneur whether they want to be or not!

Meanwhile, enjoy!

PS: And don't say you are not a professional! You are! You got the project. You can do the project. End of discussion.

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How much should I charge for social media content?

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Question by beauty and the mess: How much should I charge for social media content?
I was asked to take over the social media marketing for a local business that I am currently doing other freelance writing/marketing assignments for. The social media aspect of the job would consist of making about one post per day on the company's facebook and twitter accounts, and generating fresh content would require a little bit of research on my part each day. What is a reasonable rate for this service?

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Answer by Constantin
/ hour (at least)

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Do I have to charge GST on internet advertising services?

Question by Steve S: Do I have to charge GST on internet advertising services?
If I have a website that provides a directory listing service for companies to advertise or list their profile on there, is that service considered as zero-rated or exempt. Basically, all I would be providing is ad space on my website.

Note: I am a Canadian resident and this will be a Canadian-based site.


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Answer by quizzard123
It's a service, taxable. All goods and services (hence the name)

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Marketing Plan who is person in charge in the company to prepare it & which companies needs marketing plan?

Question by war_1948: Marketing Plan who is person in charge in the company to prepare it & which companies needs marketing plan?
Who should prepare the marketing plan is it enough for one person to prepare it?
What type of companies needs marketing plan for example Investment Company needs a marketing plan?

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Answer by Biz Advisor
Typically the Marketing VP or Manager or Director (senior marketer) is responsible for the marketing plan, although she/he also has input from other departments such as sales, operations, finance, product development. In a small business, one person can be responsible for developing the marketing plan.

All businesses need a marketing plan: it is the foundation for sales (without marketing planning, sales can be a scattered effort).

Yes an Investment Company needs a marketing plan: what's the market segmentation, target market, product differentiation, product life-cycle, promotion plan, pricing strategy, distribution program and so much more.

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