My Internet speed has decreased DRAMATICALLY?

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Question by john m: My Internet speed has decreased DRAMATICALLY?
Ok 2 days ago i could download half a a 5mb song in about 15 seconds maybe a minute at peak times, now i have a "BTHomehub-2HC7F" and i pressed "wireless association" button and then i pressed "Restore to default" since then it has gone as slow as ever it says "Speed 54.0 MBPS" Signal strength is excellent, but like now its taking me for ever to buffer a video on youtube example "End Credits -Chase&Status FT Plan B" took forever to buffer to the point i closed it( testing purposes only, i all ready have the song on my IPod) but now just ran a speed test and it says this.

MP3 File 5MB - 9 Mins
Video Clip 35MB - 64Mins
Movie 800MB - 1468 Mins

Erm what the hell can anybody help me?

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Answer by John C
Your ISP is throttling down your connection to make you stop stealing music!

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