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Marketing Made Easy

Straightforward guide to building marketing programs This no-nonsense, hands-on guide is the entrepreneurial marketers’ battle plan for a successful marketing program. Marketing for Small Business Made Easy contains specific action steps and to-do lists for every step of the marketing process. Real-world anecdotes and specific examples from well-known start-ups demonstrate the book’s practical skills. Author Kevin Epstein cuts through the buzzwords and marketing jargon to offer you cutting-e

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how can i earn money to the computer online or offline and tell me only best and easy ways. additional if i ha?

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Question by RK: how can i earn money to the computer online or offline and tell me only best and easy ways. additional if i ha?
how can i earn money to the computer online or offline and tell me only best and easy ways. additional if i have own web site whenever how can earn.

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Answer by Kate
Whether you want to finish off that credit card debt, buy that luxury car, need cash urgently to pay the school fees of your children, or just want to quit your day job and get financial security in life, this website would be of help to you. In this site we will see how you can easily earn, whatever state of life you are in and whatever your skill sets are. This site also has guides exclusively for entrepreneurs and also those who are looking for good investment opportunities. Everyone in this world deserves to get wealth and happiness; one just needs to apply their mind and remain focused; hard-work coupled with honesty will surely help you achieve this goal. In this guide you can find ways to get some cash in your wallet or bank account.
Work From Home; Cottage Industry; You can manufacture, package and sell items right from your home without much investment. There is always a market for niche physical goods like designer candles, custom perfume soaps or even a uniquely designed cake. Try to make FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) products because they sell pretty much fast and expanding the business is also easier. SOHO; Nowadays the internet, mobile phones and other forms of communications has made it possible to sit at your house and run a virtual office. Some examples are running a virtual outsourcing center, data entry work, being a virtual assistant to someone and also stuff like phone/email based customer support.

Drop Shipping
Sell scripts & Web Apps
Start an online business
For Students & Working Professionals;Take Tuitions – become a tutor; If you are a college grad or if you are pursuing a post graduate degree, you can earn by teaching other students (juniors) or helping them do their homework. Look around your neighborhood for those who might be interested in your teaching services. Nowadays there are also websites through which you can teach a student over the internet and get paid on an hourly basis.

Without Investment; Some amount of startup capital is usually required to start a business so that you earn even more than what you currently are getting. However do not worry if you are not in a position to get this seed capital. There are many ways to get funded or bootstrapped by starting with almost nothing. And also remember that this initial seed fund is required just when you are starting; you can use the profits or income from your new venture to invest even more in other businesses. Do some freelancing jobs, odd part time jobs or even make a garage sale of unwanted things in your house like old textbooks. If you are not in a day job, try getting a day job, because it is crucial for survival (especially if you are in a desparate situation). Nowadays the power of the internet has enabled everyone to earn sitting at home; some of the ready to go jobs that you can do if you have access to the internet are writing articles, being a virtual assistant or providing a variety of services, like in Fiverr. Use this cash to start a new venture on a shoe string budget and then gradually expand the offerings or service.

Start a consulting service; Not all professions require a formal education to be successful or to work in a legitimate way. Try learning a new method, way or skill and then use your knowledge to provide advice & consulting services to others for which you can charge a fee. Some of the examples of skills which you can learn and impart are: fitness, sports & games and even things like astrology. The list is endless, you just have to find one which you are interested in and whic you can learn in a short period of time.

There is no dearth to the number of oppurtunities to make money online or offline in the World; for a moment push away all negative and pessimistic thoughts like ‘can i’, ‘oh I have already tried that’ from your mind. Think for a moment how it would feel if you were financially well settled with all your debts cleared and enough cash to buy anything you desire, six months to 12 months down the line. Now how about spending the next three days of your life researching on a good method to make your dream come true? It is well worth the time spent on this because the next three days will be the ones which is going to change your life. Allocate sometime this weekend to do this research and I am sure that you are already on your way to success if you do it. Thank you.

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looking to start a small home business with easy start up and use a everyday product?

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Question by Mac studios: looking to start a small home business with easy start up and use a everyday product?
Im young and wanting to start a small business ... maybe some sort of marketing.. I learned that the best way to make money is in network marketing.. My dad did that till the day he died and now has left me a good amount of money to use for my own.. im looking to follow in his direction.. please help and send feedback.. no negative comments..

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Answer by jjt
net work marketing is the most awesome thing to come around. I started my business for about 300 and it was the best thing I ever did. make sure your product fills a need. and make sure that your pay plan leaves room for promotion. if you have any other questions feel free to email me

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1.How to make international meetings easy? Looking for some web video conferencing help?

Question by Freda: 1.How to make international meetings easy? Looking for some web video conferencing help?
Please suggest me the names of some service providers in the market

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Answer by Susan
A+ Conferencing Solutions offers affordable teleconferencing, web, video, audio, desktop video conferencing and proclaim video email services for both business and personal use. Our web conferencing tool and conference calling services give you the best presentations and run effective meetings without missing anything.

* Low cost reservationless conferencing - You conduct your conference calls without making a reservation or using an operator. All of the conferees simply dial a toll or toll free number and enter your pincode when prompted by the system. This service is easy to use and very cost effective.
* Operator dial-out - Our operators dial all of the conferees, perform a roll call and turn the conference over to the moderator.
* Operator Assisted Meet Me and 800 Meet Me - All participants dial in to a toll or toll free number, our operators greet participants and place them into conference.
* Event Calls - Additional services such as Q&A and Polling are available with Operator Assisted calls. Please see our Event Services tab for further information or contact Customer Service to speak with an Event Planner.

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