I need some ideas to get my direct sales business of the ground.?

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Question by camillac1: I need some ideas to get my direct sales business of the ground.?
I just became a Body Shop at Home consultant and I really want to get started with a BANG any ideas for local and internet marketing ideas?

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Answer by editor@webwordslinger.com
Integrate your online and offline marketing to create a bigger presence.

Start by building a web site and listing products, prices, upcoming events, etc.

Next, add your site URL to all print advertising - everything from your business card to an invoice.

Look for synergies between marketing channels. For example, if you have a big, honkin' toll-free number (one marketing channel) on the home page of your web site (another marketing channel) you create synergy by making it easy for site visitors to contact you with orders (some folks don't like to give credit card numbers over the phone).

Create a billboard on MySpace and Facebook with links to your site and that telephone number.

Blog other health and beauty sites, creating links back to your site.

Hook up with parallel sites - sites that sell to the same market but don’t compete directly with you. Exchange links.

Free online webinars; upload product images to YouTube; get listed with dmoz.org; become an authority by answering questions on Yahoo.

All free, guerilla marketing and it doesn't take a great deal of time.

Best of luck with the site.
Paul Lalley

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