i cannot isolate incoming mail from LinkedIn?

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Question by Antonis Ashiotis: i cannot isolate incoming mail from LinkedIn?
Hi, I am using yahoo mail and i received huge volume of emails from LinkedIn. Due this, I assigned some filters via my yahoo settings in order to split all incoming mails from LinkedIn to a specific yahoo foldder.

The problem is that none of LinkedIn emails go to this folder.

Please help!

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Answer by Bernadette
It sounds like the filters you've created may not be set up in a way that allows them to "catch" the messages you'd like to be moved. I suggest two Yahoo! Help articles:

Tips for setting up filters (first link below)

Additional tips for using filters (second link below)

I might make a filter that looks for "linkedin" in the sender name, as a broad filter. A narrower filter might also filter for a specific word in the subject or body, such as "jobs".

I hope this helps!

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