Any places to download movies on android that is not google play?

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Question by Patrick: Any places to download movies on android that is not google play?
Google play has some alright movies, but I'm going on a 12 hour car ride tomorrow, and I want to watch movies that are not available on Google play, such as the Star Wars movies Any suggestions? Money isn't a problem for me as long as its about 3-4 dollars for a movie

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Answer by Sabrina (Pokie)
There are a few hundred thousand apps available for download from Google’s official Android Market. But not every Android device can access the Market, and not every app is available from Google’s app superstore.

Gameloft, for instance, has a reputation for releasing highly polished (if not exactly original) games without always going through the Android Market. Other developers, such as Grooveshark, have been booted from the Market but continue to offer apps for Android users, because unlike iOS, Windows Phone 7, and some other mobile platforms, Android allows users to install apps that aren’t downloaded from the official Market.

Here are 17 places to find free and paid apps without Google’s help. The list is arranged alphabetically, but not all of these app stores are created equal. Look for the asterisk next to the name to find Mobiputing’s favorites.

Note that Appbrain, Cyrket, AndroLib and other third party App directories are not included in this list. Those all require you to download apps through the Android Market. The following app stores are all designed to let you download and install apps directly. I’ve also left out a handful of app stores that are exclusive to a specific wireless carrier or a line of phones or tablets.

* Amazon Appstore

The Amazon Appstore is probably the highest profile alternative to the Google Android Market. Amazon has a well-organized app store which you can navigate on the web or using a mobile app. Once you install the app on your device you can also make purchases or add free apps to your cart using a web browser and simply open the app on your mobile device to view a list of apps available for download

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