How did Social Media affected Global Warming?

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Question by Warren: How did Social Media affected Global Warming?
Global warming is one of the issues that affects us globally, how does social media affected the said global issue?
A example of which is the use of different social networking sites for information dissemination regarding on talks and updates on the said issue, which helps extend the global warming awareness to different parts of the country, even increase awareness to people who are in underdeveloped countries.

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Answer by Nitrox do pânico
media needs instruments such as cameras and stuff...many of these products are made by using essential natural elements such as trees, when this happens, they're decreasing the amount of one of the most important things needed to avoid global warming...second, the production of these materials (cameras, tvs etc) is made in factories and we know that factories release smoke which goes into the atmosphere and this also contributes to global warming...

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