Web2.0 big buyout: 2005 it’s Delicious&Flickr, 2006 it’s Myspace&Youtube, 2007 it’s Facebook, what’s for 2008?

Check out these LinkedIn items:

Question by charlie: Web2.0 big buyout: 2005 it's Delicious&Flickr, 2006 it's Myspace&Youtube, 2007 it's Facebook, what's for 2008?
What can you guys see?
Squidoo? Slide? LinkedIn?

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Answer by marquinho_81
LinkedIn was pretty big in 2006/2007, it's a different crowd of people (business professionals). It'll never directly compete with MySpace, Facebook, and the likes, because it aims for a different market.

It's tough to tell what will be the next big thing.

Yuniti ( http://yuniti.com ) has been getting pretty popular, and could compete with MySpace and Facebook.

Joost ( http://joost.com ) also has some potential to be big in 2008.

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