Young Marketing Professional Wanting to Start Marketing Business… Advice?

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Question by Co Co T: Young Marketing Professional Wanting to Start Marketing Business... Advice?
I am a young marketing professional located in the Houston, TX area. I received my B.B.A. in Marketing in 2006 and I am eager to establish my on Marketing Business with the target market of small businesses. I am currently a Marketing Assistant and plan to join the American Marketing Assocation. Is there any advice that can be shared for my endeavors?

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Answer by Terry B
From one marketing pro to another, congrats on your BBA and on your upcoming business!

A former product marketing colleague started a business here in the Dallas area, he found that he could give talks at Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club meetings and even holds several of his own events. The idea was basically to share his expertise on certain topics ("how to market your services" or "how to increase your sales") in a public forum, and hand out business cards and pamphlets to attendees regarding the services he could offer.

Another suggestion is to look at local nonprofit organizations and pitch those that need your part-time consulting help. (Examples: I marketed our church's school for a year, also contacted the city-run golf course because I read in the newspaper that their revenue was declining, so I figured they needed some marketing help!) :o)

Be sure to offer different packages at various price levels, so you can market to any size of business.

After you've been in business a while, word of mouth will be your best advertisement.

Best of luck to you!

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